GeoServer ArcAdmin v1.0 Released

I have published first stable release of GeoServer ArcAdmin a few days ago. But I did not have enough time to write a post in my blog. This open source (GNU v2) project integrates ArcGIS Desktop and GeoServer and developed with Python. You can find more information in GeoServer ArcAdmin Installation And Usage post. The features of this release:

  • You can directly upload raster and vector data to GeoServer. It works with all data formats that supported by ArcGIS.
  • You can generate new workspaces and remove existings.
  • You can remove data stores and coverage stores on GeoServer.
  • SLD (Styled Layer Descriptor) documents could uploaded to GeoServer and you can apply styles to map layers.
  • Design of the toolbox has been improved.
  • Interaction with Model Builder has been improved.


Yayınlamış olduğum yazıları kaynak belirtmek kaydıyla paylaşabilirsiniz.


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