SVG2ColoR: QGIS Color-Ramp Plugin

I have developed SVG2Color plugin for transforming SVG Linear Gradient styles to QGIS style files. By using it you can get lots of styles in color-ramp type.These styles can be applied to both of raster and vector layers. Also SVG2Color plugin is compatible with CPT-CITY styles (svg).

Loading SVG Files

Plugin icon will be added to QGIS main window after installation. After initializing plugin window you can load *.svg files directly from URL or local filesystem. Choose “URL” option and enter the url of the svg style then click “Get URL” button to load the style.


The plugin firstly checks </linearGradient>  tags (only the first one) and takes color definitions. And it reads  </stop> tags. These tags must contain “offset” and “stop-color” attributes otherwise you can get error message. And finally transforms SVG to QGIS style file (*.xml). Here is the example svg file that loaded succesfully. It was loaded from CPT-CITY website.


Importing into QGIS Style Library

After the loading svg file click “Import” button for importing into style library. Or you can save and then import it. For this click “Export as Style” button for saving as QGIS style. After that open Style Manager from QGIS manin window by clicking Setting > Style Manager.  And click import option for importing the style file to the QGIS style library.



In this way you get a color-ramp style from SVG file. You can apply this style both of raster and vector layers.





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