Installation QGIS 2.4 on Linux Mint (SAGA, GRASS, OTB)

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Linux Mint is the most popular desktop linux distribution on these days ( Simple design and rich package library (ubuntu based) attract new users. Also menus, toolbar and usability are familiar for Windows users so these are the most important reasons for its popularity.

Sometimes in terms of software installation can be challenging for Linux newcomers. Getting latest versions of packages and depencency problems make the process painful. In this post I explained installing QGIS 2.4 (the latest version for now) on Linux Mint 17. Also I mentioned installation of SAGA GIS, GRASS GIS, OTB (Orfeo Toolbox) and integration of Processing Toolbox.

Adding Ubuntu GIS Repository

Version of QGIS package in standart Linux Mint repository is 2.0. So we will use Ubuntu GIS (unstable) repository for getting latest version. Also you can find several GIS softwares in this repository.

Firstly start Software Center and open Edit > Software sources menu.

Choose PPAs button from the left side and click Add a new PPA button. Now enter this expressinon to the dialog and click OK.


After adding repository you will get an information message.

Finally click Update the cache button to get all new package list from the repository. After finishing the process, close the window. Software Center will automatically restart.


List packages about “qgis” by using the search box in Software Center. Open the first result and check the version of it.

Firtsly we install this package. This package is enough for main QGIS application but does not include Python support or GRASS GIS. We need to install them seperately. So search python-qgis and qgis-plugin-grass packages and install them.

Processing is very useful Python plugin for QGIS in terms of spatial analysis. It comes with deafult installation of QGIS 2.4 and uses SAGA, GRASS, OTB analysis tools. So these softwares must be installed on your system otherwise it doesn’t work. GRASS GIS have been already installed with qgis-plugin-grass package. You just need to install saga and otb-bin packages for SAGA (2.1.2) and OTB (4.0.0.).

Finishing Touches

After completing the installation process, there is one more step we need to do. Processingplugins automatically integrates analysis tools providers (GRASS, SAGA, OTB). It defaultly it uses SAGA 2.0.8 syntax but we installed 2.1.2 version of it. So incompatibility will occur. To handle this start QGIS and open Processing > Options and configuration window from main menu. Expand SAGA section from Providers chapter and uncheck Use SAGA 2.0.8 syntax option. That is all. Now you can use QGIS 2.4 on Linux Mint with full features.


12 comments on “Installation QGIS 2.4 on Linux Mint (SAGA, GRASS, OTB)

  1. Really excellent, clear instructions – installed QGIS 2.6 without any problems on Linux Mint – I’ve been using QGIS for less than a year and Linux for less than a day – thank you!

    • Which version of Mint are you on?

      I’m on 16 Petra & can’t seem to get 2.6 to show up, even after adding the unstable repository as mentioned here and on some other threads I’ve seen around.

      • Hi Michael, my example is for Linux Mint 17 and not tried with Petra. I think the problem is about version incompability. Your system may not see latest packages on UbunGIS repo.

    • Hi,
      actually it depends on your old configuration. If you update only “qgis” package you get new version of it. But if you need GRASS, Processing or OTB you must update other packages that mentioned in the tutorial.

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