Usage of Geometry Updater

While working with spatial datasets, uptade operation is one of the most important issues. We can sptlit up updating vector datasets to two groups as geometry update and attribute update. Lots of desktop GIS software have update tools for attributes but not for geometry. Maybe I did not come across.

I prefer QGIS for daily regular works (partially working with MapInfo). A few days ago I needed to updated some spatial datasets geometries. I searched but not found any useful QGIS plugin for this task. So I dediced to develop another QGIS plugin. Here is Geometry Updater.


This plugin updates target vector layers’ features’ geometry from source vector layer. It uses common identifier field (Key Field) to match features. This field must be unique, it doesnt matter string or integer type. The image above shows that BINA layer is going to be updated by source layer YENI BINA by using FID field.

Uptading operation affects only matched features. In this example target layer BINA has 87 features and source layer YENI BINA has 46 features. So this operation updates maximum 46 features. If all features matches together. After completing updating operation a result window appears. The image below shows results of this example.


  1. No format restriction. Works with all formats that QGIS supports (SHP, TAB etc.) and databases (Oracle, Postgres, SQLite etc.)
  2. Target layer and source layer must be in same geometry type.
  3. Target layer must have editing capability.
  4. Key Field must have unique values. Duplicate values could cause errors .

3 comments on “Usage of Geometry Updater

  1. Hello, I tried to run Geometry Updater on a QGis 2.14 Windows platform but it doesn’t work … it returns immediately:
    2017-03-16T14:40:39 1 Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:/Users/moretti/.qgis2/python/plugins\geometryUpdater\”, line 335, in run
    cmbLabel = + ‘ (%d) (%s)’ % (layerObj.featureCount(), self.wkbText[layerObj.wkbType()])
    KeyError: -2147483645
    Can you help me?
    Thank you

    • I think the problem is about your data’s geometry type. Maybe Qgis changed their API so it occurs this problem. Maybe its about your data type (DB layer etc…) I recommend you to test this. Firstly save a piece your data (target and source) as SHP format than run again. Note: send me results.

  2. Hello, first thank you very much for your answer.
    I tried with another set of data, and Geometry Updater plugin worked regularly!
    Next i’ll try to discover what in my files SHP didn’t work and what were wrong.
    Best wishes for a good work.

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