I provide consulting services for GIS projects. I offer solutions with open-source softwares without license cost or commercial softwares that widely used. Web and Desktop GIS application development and spatial data analysis are some of my services. The main topics that I provide as consultant are listed below:

  • Determining requirements and strategies for your business applications (MIS, ERP, CRM etc.) in case of integration with GIS
  • Developing QGIS plugins for your special tasks or analysis (I have community approved 8 plugin)
  • Developing Web GIS applications (OpenLayers 3)
  • Installing and confguring OGC Web services like WMS, WFS, WCS (GeoServer, QGIS Server, deegree)
  • Spatial data transformation (GeoKettle ETL & OGR/GDAL)
  • Spatial database (Postgres/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, Spatialite)