Easy AHP (EN)

Easy AHP provides Analytic Hyerarchy Process (AHP) and Weighted Linear Combination (WLC) analysis in QGIS. GIS-based AHP is a approach for comparing each of map layers and determining weight values. And than map layers and weight values are combined each other with using Weighted Linear Combination. By the way suitability maps are generated. These methods are mostly used in land use, agriculture, disaster management, environmental resource planning.

EasyAHP has been developed with Python and distributed with GPL v3 license. You can reach the project on GitHub by visiting https://github.com/MSBilgin/EasyAHP

Also you can read the post about example application in Vulnerability Mapping Using Easy AHP

This project is developed by Mehmet Selim BILGIN. You can contact with mselimbilgin[at]yahoo.com


Easy AHP v1.0

  • Processing Toolbox (SAGA) API incompability fixed (for QGIS 2.8)

Easy AHP v0.9

  • Processing Toolbox (SAGA) API incompability fixed (for QGIS 2.6)

Easy AHP v0.8

  • Save and Load functions for pairwise table were added.
  • GUI improved.

Easy AHP v0.7

  • Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  • Weighted Linear Combination (WLC)
  • User-friendly UI. Step by step design

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