GeoServer ArcAdmin (EN)

GeoServer ArdAdmin is an open source Toolbox that has been developed for ArcGIS softwares such as ArcMap, ArcScene and ArcGlobe. It includes several tools for integration of GIS data between ArcGIS and GeoServer. In this way, the operations performed in multiple steps have been done at a single time. Also GeoServer ArcAdmin tools may be included in complex analysis models that have been designed with Model Builder. Thus the analysis results are directly served on GeoServer with OGC Web Services (WMS, WFS, WCS).

GeoServer ArcAdmin has been developed with Python and distributed with GPLv2 license. In the development phase, standard Python libraries were preferred so it does not require no additional setup. It provides the communication with GeoServer via Rest API. For now it is supported by ArcGIS 10.x. You can reach the project on Github by visiting

Also you can read the post about installation and examples in

This project is developed by Mehmet Selim BILGIN. You can contact with mselimbilgin[at]


GeoServer ArcAdmin v1.0   [Read]

  • The toolbox design has been renewed.

GeoServer ArcAdmin v0.9

  • SLD style management tools were added.

GeoServer ArcAdmin v0.8

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Improved interaction with Model Builder

GeoServer ArcAdmin v0.7

  • Raster and vector data uploading capabilites
  • ZIP layer uploading capabilities
  • Workspace operations
  • Coverage Store and Data Store operations.

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