SLD4raster (EN)

SLD4raster is a QGIS 2 plugin to generate OGC SLD (Styled Layer Descriptor) documents for raster layers. SLD documents are XML based documents and used for describing map layer styles. With this OGC specification, map layer styles could be shared between different GIS softwares. QGIS does not support yet SLD styles for raster layers but SLD4raster plugin meets this requirement.

SLD4raster has been developed with Python and distributed with GPL v2 license. You can reach the project on Github by visiting

This project is developed by Mehmet Selim BILGIN. You can contact with mselimbilgin[at]


SLD4raster v0.9

  • Improved style edit window.
  • Integrated with GeoServer Rest API.

SLD4raster v0.8

  • SLD to QGIS Style File (*.qgs) transformation.

SLD4raster v0.7

  • Multiband color styles. You can use different band orders (4,3,2 or 1,2,3 etc.)
  • Singleband pseudocolor style. Color interpolation could be preferred.
  • Gradient color (white to black, black to white) styles. Also you can adjust min-max values.
  • Supports layer opacity.

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