SVG2ColoR (EN)

SVG2ColoR is a QGIS 2 plugin for transforming SVG Linear Gradient styles to QGIS style files. These styles can be applied to vector and raster layers.

SVG2ColoR has been developed with Python and distributed with GPL v3 license. You can reach the project on Github by visiting

Also you can read the post about example application in SVG2ColoR: QGIS Color-Ramp Plugin

This project is developed by M. Selim Bilgin. You can contact with mselimbilgin[at]


SVG2ColoR v0.9

  • Import feature was added.

SVG2ColoR v0.8 

  • Loading from URL option was added.

SVG2Color v0.7

  • It uses <linearGradient/> and <stop/> tags.
  • RGB values can be defined in numeric and hex type.
  • Supports 3-digit shorthand hex values for RBG.

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