Feature Loader Usage

While working with spatial databases loading data from another datasources could be problematic. Mostly SRID difference and attribute (field) mismatch need transformation before starting loading operation. I have wrote another post GeoKettle: Açık Kaynaklı Konumsal ETL Aracı about this subject.

As mentioned above, a few days ago i need to load some GIS data to Oracle Spatial. I have tried with QGIS by Copy Features (CTRL + C) and Paste Features (CTRL + V) but not succeed. Because attribute fields were not matched. So I tried with MapInfo’s Easy Loader tool and made it done.  So I rolled up sleeves to make this operation done in QGIS. And I have developed Feature Loader. This plugin lets you load spatial data from one layer to another one by simple three click. It matches fields automatically and support all formats that QGIS support (Oracle, Postgis, Spatialite, SHP, TAB etc…). Continue reading